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United States
Current Residence: Los Angeles
Favourite genre of music: all good music
Favourite photographer: too many to list

Favourite cartoon character: Woody Woodpecker

Sacred or Profane

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2014, 3:58 PM

Your thoughts on this remarkable presentation from Leica

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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 5, 2014, 6:56 PM

Mundano is a street artist from Brazil.  He has initiated a project, Pimp My Carroca, through which artists rebuild and decorate the carts used by recyclers in Brazilian cities.  These workers are not accorded sufficient dignity or social resources but they contribute essential service in reducing global waste of recyclable materials.  This project combines concern for ecology, outreach to the working poor, social action by artists and participation from all sectors of city life. It calls attention to people we all know and too often ignore. And it allows us to pay respect to them.

I recently met with Mundano in the DeviantArt offices in Hollywood where he discussed involving the world community of artists in this project so it can expand to encompass recognition and aid for all "recyclers" in all of their various circumstances and activities everywhere across the globe. More of this will come later. 

But for now, I simply wanted to express solidarity as an artist by calling attention to this gentleman in Greenpoint, Brooklyn found working on a Sunday last weekend. 

Recycler Greenpoint, Brooklyn by makepictures

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What Will You Do To Save The Arts ?

Wed May 21, 2014, 6:22 PM

Foreword by techgnotic

As an artist you need to be aware that something very bad is being brewed. Under cover of corporate and bureaucratic darkness, art as you could know it on the Internet will die. “.ART “ will be lost. You need to carefully read “Save Dot Art” right now—before another battle for the future of art on the Internet is lost.

This plea to the “ICANN” is dense and full of unfamiliar acronyms, but it’s essential information if you want “the Arts” to remain readily accessible to all the world with all of their important elements intact: their presentation, criticism and dissemination; their advocacy and education; and their guardianship of the human right to preserve a shared world culture and promote and support the global community of creative artists and art lovers.

“.ART” on a website should mean the Arts in all their glorious display!

Perhaps you remember the shock of betrayal Americans felt when they recently learned that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) had suddenly pulled a fast one and reversed themselves on “net neutrality”, ruling that content would no longer be given equal treatment in its flow from providers to consumers. Big corporate concerns can now pay for faster lanes of delivery leaving everyone else in the dust. So much for the Internet as our paragon of evolving global democracy.

Now commercial interests are trying to rig the acquisition of the “.ART” designation—and open the floodgates to sell any junk that they can vaguely categorize as having something to do with the arts. They’ll turn the Arts into a strip mall and make a mockery of the hopes and dreams of those working to build up the world arts community on the Internet as something important for the survival of humanity.

Our sometimes face painted Warrior-in-Chief, I mean our Advisor-in-Chief of arts advocacy, makepictures, has written the following call to action. Please read. Please advise.

Save Dot Art has been sent to the powers that be. The shot is taken across the bow. Tweet #SaveDotArt #deviantART and let your friends and followers know you’re not going to take it anymore!

We won’t get fooled again!

Spread the Word


Save Dot Art

Written by makepictures

ICANN has a choice: it can promote the arts or destroy their common identity.

“.ART “ can become an authentic Internet address for the arts and represent its community. We are on the cusp of an extraordinary opportunity with the simple use of a single word: a virtual place within the Internet for the arts and a virtual palace to the arts built site-by-site by millions of artists and art institutions each with an individualized artistic contribution gathered around the simple namespace of  “.ART.” The .ART gTLD can become a touchstone of world culture and contribute transformative vision across all boundaries.

But left to pure commercial exploitation, .ART will stand as a complete failure.  It will only occasionally and haphazardly designate the arts themselves. It will not be a welcomed location for the arts. The impact of the worldwide abuse of a beloved term through disjointed, disorganized, and random designations—completely irrelevant to its meaning and associations—would be an irretrievable tragedy.

There are two applicants for .ART, which have elected community designation, DeviantART and e-flux who mutually support each other’s applications.  Eight other, purely commercial, entities and individuals have chosen to oppose or stand in the way of that joint effort.

We believe preservation of the arts is at risk based upon the results of the initial community evaluations made by ICANN that clearly disfavor their approval with a resulting and evident bias towards commercialization.

DeviantART has over 31 million registered members and an audience exceeding 60 million unique visitors a month all drawn to the arts.  It is one of the top 150 Internet sites in the world measured by traffic. E-flux is a network of over 100,000 art institutions and professional artists, curators, and practitioners.

DeviantART and e-flux are committed. We stand prepared to convene a Policy Board of the most passionate and essential artists and art institutions to first debate and then establish standards for the use of the .ART address. As representatives of the community of the arts, we are prepared to initiate a gTLD for the arts, by the arts, and with the arts.

We call upon the ICANN Board to intervene on behalf of the arts. We ask the Board to recognize the .ART gTLD’s unique and substantial value as a world cultural monument and to dedicate its management to trusted, proven organizations that have introduced and guided the arts to the World Wide Web since its inception.

We call upon ICANN to set aside its unlimited and seemingly unrestrained commercialization of the Internet name space and embrace the opportunity that it hardcoded into its guidebook for applicants to self-identify as a community. ICANN must choose to promote the arts rather than destroy their common identity.

We call upon the Government Advisory Committee to the ICANN Board to safeguard the arts as a universal human right in its shared culture.  We call upon the GAC to insist upon the recognition of valid community interests in the assignment of gTLDs by ICANN’s management in line with the GAC’s own requests to ICANN at the Singapore meetings held in March of this year.  

And through DeviantART we call upon the world community of the arts to make itself known and rise to the defense of its own integrity and good name.


Read the e-flux statement to ICANN:

  1. Preserve Dot Art: Part 1
  2. Preserve Dot Art: Part 2

Bolt Award

Each year, on deviantART's birthday, we honor one of our own with the Bolt Award the most prestigious award to be bestowed upon anyone. Ever. For his never ending enthusiasm and commitment to not just deviantART, but the empowering of artists on a global scale, we are extremely proud to present the illustrious Bolt Award for 2011 to makepictures. Josh's charismatic personality, and seemingly never ending knowledge enriches every person who interacts with him. A true living legend. Congrats Josh!
-awarded August 2011




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If you are really calling your character "blue" I expect there are many more than 5 out there.  Common names are very difficult to protect. As a result, very common names can be used by many at the same time without any one of the users being able to logically claim the others are interfering with their rights or confusing other people.  But, it's always better to come up with something distinctive.
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