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December 4, 2013
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Nov 29, 2013, 1:52:37 PM
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Nate'n Al by makepictures Nate'n Al by makepictures
The deli counter at Nate'n Al in Beverly Hills, California.  This deli is a place to get fat on food and on the business of the entertainment business.  More deals were opened and closed for movies, performances, television and everything else at this place than any other location in Los Angeles or New York. As they say, this is where the sausage gets made - - and packaged for the masses.
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getcarter Jan 5, 2014   Photographer
noone knows how sausages and laws actually arise and which secret ingredients they contain ;)

(a literal translation of a german saying, which is popular among german lawyers) :)

happy new year, Josh - may most of your dreams and wishes come true. 
Happy new year to you!  Love that German saying.  Sausages are so important to the German cusine and certainly played a very large part in my childhood eating in Vienna (as well as a later love of the American hot dog: the frankfurter, of course). It could be that the sausage is the product of an ancient cult (such as free masons) spreading the message of diversity (all forms of meat) or one of humanistic inclusiveness (any kind of animal product welcome as well as soy or grain extenders) or one of ecology (any form of waste product from the food industry can be recycled into them) but I also approve of the view from your quote that sausages are an analogy to the politics of law making since even rat dung (in low proportion) is an acceptable ingredient under American food inspection criteria.
Great description :clap:
Appreciate the compliment.
shadowhand Dec 8, 2013  Professional Artist
sausage in plastic... can't say that looks appetizing.
Whereas the contents of a sausage in a casing made of cow intestines is appetizing?  Most of us don't survive the description of our food.  Even pulling a carrot out of the ground doesn't trigger the appetite unless, of course, you are starving.  If I had more time and the energy, I'd do a series on the theme of delicious food in its unappetizing states - - maybe I'll do that anyway! haha

Thanks for the comment.
shadowhand Dec 8, 2013  Professional Artist
having worked on a farm, pulling food out of the ground, slaughtering pigs and eating their meat on the same day, i might be outside "the norm" when it comes to food. for me, a typical grocery store is less appetizing than a field full of cows.
Terrific lesson in perspective.  I spent some short time on farms in the summers as a kid and because I was really a city boy everything seemed so grotesque.  I was terrified when I saw a pig slaughtered.  I spent a day collecting plowed up potatoes and I will forever appreciate the labor that leads to french fries and the time it takes to clean fingernails after real work.
shadowhand Dec 8, 2013  Professional Artist
for me, it comes down to knowing exactly where my food came from and who touched it. it make seem insane to butcher an animal in the open air, until you consider the amount of bacteria and disease that is bred by slaughtering animals 24/7 in giant warehouses. a good example is the farmer Joe Salatin, who runs a well-publicized farm that butchers chickens in open air and sells them. the FDA has attempted to shut him down multiple times for violations, but when he got his chickens tested for salmonella levels, it was lower than packaged meat by very significant margin. obviously the FDA couldn't do much at that point.

if this topic is interesting to you, i highly recommend reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, i found it extremely eye opening.
My wife is a big fan of that book and talked about it with me a great deal.
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